COORDINATION PLATFORM FOR ENERGY Community Distribution system operators

Implementation of the Energy Community Treaty requires ongoing cooperation between national institutions, organizations, industry and civil society. This can either take place in the context of the Energy Community institutional framework or on the basis of regional initiatives focusing on specific policy issues.

The Energy Community institutional setting did not provide a distinct platform for distribution system operators (DSO) from the outset. In light of the implementation of the Third Energy Package, the Secretariat found it necessary to enhance the DSOs’ involvement and to provide a platform for expressing their opinions and changing information.


To enhance the interaction, the Secretariat set up a Energy Community Distribution System Operators Coordination Platform (ECDSO-E) in March 2014. Parallel to experience sharing, the platform is to ensure adequate reflection of DSOs´ positions in the ongoing policy debates. It aims to provide a deeper insight of the roles and obligations of DSO. More importantly, there should be a clear understanding how these obligations can at best be achieved. To reflect the business interests, the platform is to define common position of DSOs, to formulate assessments and recommendations, whenever appropriate.

In concrete terms, the ECDSO-E  is to cooperate in the following areas of common interest.

  • technical aspects (smart meters, integration of renewables, grid connections, load profiles);
  • regulatory aspects (unbundling, cost reflectivity of tariffs and prices, investment incentives, treatment of losses and thefts);
  • internal economics (investment planning, cost control and accounting policies on unbundling and procurement policies) and
  • cooperation and benchmarking (defining priorities, lobbying, benchmarking best practices, exchange of experience, support in emergency situations)

In long term, the ECDSO-E intends to take more active part in the activities of other DSOs associations in the EU. This would imply cooperation with CEDEC, EDSO, EURELECTRIC or GEODE. To this end, the ECDSO-E could be seen as a connection point for the Energy Community DSOs experts and their counterparts in diverse European DSOs associations.

In the name of synergies, ECDSO-E cooperates with a similar USAID initiative, (Southeast Europe Security of Supply Working Group). The two agreed to have a collocated meeting at least once per year.

Interactive Discussion Forum

To ensure smooth communication among the DSOs, the Secretariat established a web based interactive discussion forum (ECDSO-E Forum). Its purpose is to facilitate discussion, experience sharing, exchange of views and initiatives among experts interested in the distribution system operation. The Forum provides its members the platform for launching initiatives of common interest or posting their views and concerns, when possible and needed also in the form of joint position.

Access to Forum is permitted only to the members of the Forum.